John Strieder

John Strieder - “4 erloschene Bilder” for Guitar Solo
performed by Carlos Eduardo Bojarski
September 26th, Bueno Aires

Indifferent Magma is an extreme music project founded by Sven Ludwig and John Strieder. The first album is now released on bandcamp. According to Mathcore Index it’s a “Savant blend of modern classical, math/abstract/art metal grindcore, microtonal, Soundscape and Patterns, dissonant and contemporary elements! Seriously some fascinating and extremely well done experimentation there …” - enjoy!


Our debut album INTRUSION has today been released on bandcamp. Relish the cluster-chords!

Artwork by John Strieder

WFAHM - Voyeur Interview Part 2 (including more infos about our colaboration and some statements about contemporary music [beginning around 8:50]) … enjoy! \m/

Full Album on Bandcamp: [link]

WFAHM - Voyeur Interview Part 1 (including details about the colaboration between WFAHM and me) … enjoy! \m/

Full Album on Bandcamp: [link]

As a young man, I harbored the populist idea of writing for the public. I learned that the public didn’t care. So I decided to write for myself. Since then, people have gotten interested.
Elliott Carter
WFAHM - Voyeur … including my music

The new War From A Harlots Mouth Album will be out on the 19th of October.

It includes some short pieces for Strings composed by me: Origin, Beyond Life And Death, a passage in Catacombae and Epiphany.

"Now ‘Voyeur’ shows War From A Harlots Mouth at their most mature so far and adding new dimension with the aid of classical strings played by composer John Strieder and a guest appearance from Arkadi Zaslawski (Dioramic). Let all conventions be broken!" (Seasons Of Mist)

Listen to the Album on Bandcamp!


Atonality is the new black!
(War From A Harlots Mouth, german math metal band)

fractured 1 for Violoncello Solo by John Strieder


The question of knowing to whom my music is intended for, should not be asked. As in scientific research, we try to solve a problem because of our interest in it; and not for its practical application.
So is the question of whether anyone needs what I’m doing, unimportant. I live here and now and I am unwittingly part of a culture, and what I produce will prevail over time or not. The importance of a work of art in a culture can only be judged after it’s done.
György Ligeti